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The POP Blogilates community website acts as the neutral centre of all digital presence, representing a large information space enabling Cassey and her executives to “distribute knowledge beyond those with prior understanding of the community.” (Majcharzak et al. 2013) Web 2.0 technology has enabled easy-to-navigate interfaces, friendly to site visitors, further empowering the distribution of community behavior and information. Unlike other platforms, the nature of the website is strongly controlled by Ho and content creators rather then public community particpants. Hyperlinks to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with corresponding outreach statistics are in the top right corner, which creates the linked ecology between all media platforms. By creating one centralized page, community member involvement is facilitated, encouraging participation. ‘Cloud Computing’ allows site visitors to engage with the community without compulsory download, allowing potential members to browse and participate organically (Bianco 2009).

Sophie Finckh

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