Blogilates is home to a large and diverse community of like-minded people interested in both health and fitness with a contemporary flare. However, there is an evident participatory profile that predominantly categorises a large sector of the Blogilates ‘POPster’ community. It is evident after analysing each platform of the Blogilates community that the majority of socially active community members appear to be female. Although male members can be found in various areas of the Blogilates social media platforms, the ones most socially active online appear to be the ‘trolls’ or ‘haters’, community members who enjoy commenting negative remarks on POPster posts and criticising the effectiveness of the Blogilates program itself.

The majority of Blogilates posts and videos, such as “Six minutes to a sexy little waist”, “Best workout for sexy, slim calves”, and “Quick burn booty and thighs workout”, are clearly aimed towards a predominantly female audience, utilising the word sexy and slim and arguably stereotyping the desires of women rather than men. Cassey’s use of colour and wording in her social media posts and advertising campaigns also allude to a specific target market, with the profuse amount of pink theming and colloquial ‘girl language’ increasing the interaction of women in a community setting. Koller states that “consumer goods targeted at a female market are suffused with pink, usually combined with rounded shapes and rather static perpendicular vectors,” (2008, p.395). This statement reaffirms the way in which colors can be used to include and exclude certain genders, in this case the way in which Cassey Ho is shaping her company to be targeted to a certain audience.

The POPster community is based predominantly around positive body image, appealing to a community of theoretically younger women who are portrayed in society to suffer more from body image issues. After analysing the various interactions between POPsters, it is clear that women of this mindset are more likely to join a community such as Blogilates, as it is a space they feel comfortable in knowing they will be encouraged and supported amongst similar, like-minded people.

Sophie Leicester




Socio-economic factors do not play a massive role in the Blogilates community. Her program is not targeted to either wealthy or poor people, although it is possible that people of a higher social class would be more likely to invest in a professional health and fitness program, whilst those of a lower class would be more inclined to engage with a free, online YouTube tutorial like Blogilates.
One defying common factor that links the whole POPster community together is their interest and passion for health and fitness, as well as a desire to be a part of a supportive and communal contemporary environment. Online trolls, who do not identify as ‘POPsters, also interact with the community on a regular basis, although they’re contribution is one of negativity and criticism, is easily outweighed by the support and positivity the POPsters show towards each other. Connecting from all around the world, the POPster community is evidently willing to publicly identify as a tight-knit, health-focused community through their sharing of posts and videos of body transformations, group workouts and overall support and love for Blogilates.

Sophie Leicester